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C & H Consulting, Inc.

QuickBooks Software Consulting, Intuit Solution Provider, Small Business Consulting, Serving Greater Cleveland, Ohio. 216-544-5630

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NEW MILEAGE RATES FOR 2011 beginning January 1
Business 51 cents per mile
Charitable 14 cents per mile
Medical and Moving 19 cents per mile

For 2011
Social Security Rates for Employees changed to 4.2%
Social Security Rates for Employers remains unchanged 6.2%

QuickBooks Tips


The Cleveland Gladiators Professional Indoor Arena Football Team Store has become our newest Client. Please support the team.

We have become members of Intuits Setup and Training Program, this small group consist of approximately 50 members nationwide. The setup and training program is offered through Intuits web site and instructors are assigned by Intuit Corporation, based of availability of the instructor. Training is Setup to be completed in either a one hour or three hour format. All training is done remotely.

C & H Consulting has become a member of the INTUIT Solutions Provider Group. We obtained the proper certifications for both the Retail and Enterprise Solutions Provider. Both certification required additional training above the normal ProAdvisor level.
The Retail Solutions Provider will be able to assist the client with a complete retail solution. The Enterprise Solution Provider is able to assist with the midmarket companies requiring a higher level of QuickBooks Financial Software as well as a complete solution for Inventory or Scheduling.

C & H Consulting has partnered with Results CRM to assist our Clients in their Customer Relations Management.

C & H Consulting gained the Certifed QuickBooks Sleeter Group Group Consutant status.

C & H Consulting has become a VAR for Fishbowl Inventory, a comprehensive inventory management add on tool of QuickBooks. Fishbowl Inventory has no upper limit on items and will support multiple location inventory management, while fully integrating with QuickBooks. This is an ideal situation for midsize companies

In addition to Fishbowl we have also become a VAR for Legrand CRM. Legrand is a 3rd party software Customer Relations Manager. The system will allow the users to create multiple contacts within a company, assign tasks to other users for followup, create task lists, opportunities and campaigns designed for general use clients or specific catagories and much more. This is a great system for the midsize industry.